How to Get a Jamaican Girl to Like You

How to get a Jamaican girl to like you? Treat her like a queen!

How to get a Jamaican girl to like you with long curly black hair
How to get a Jamaican girl to like you? Remember she is different from other women of color.

How to get a Jamaican girl? Great start by joining a few Jamaican singles websites but now, you’re nervous. You have a few first dates lined up and possibly a second date. However, this is your first time and you’re wondering what to do?  

I mean, how does anyone act or say around someone different? You don’t want to offend anyone and you’re not sure of the Jamaican culture, but it’s time to take the relationship offline.

You may have a reason to worry, my friend. Trust and believe Jamaican women are not like other black women or women of color. They have definite ideas and they don’t change their mindset often.

Jamaican women are sure of what they want and of course, what they won’t accept. Overall, the people of Jamaica find pretending or “fronting” tiresome and unbecoming, but at the same time, the Jamaican woman has a heart of gold.

She may give the man seeking her heart a hard time, but nothing comes easy at first if you’re looking to score.  With this in mind, keep reading to find out how to get a Jamaican girl to like you. 

1Jamaican Personality Traits

If you’re dating a Jamaican woman, you should know that she’s the “man of the house.” Hey, these women are aggressive and strong. Jamaican women speak their minds and as parents, they take charge of their children and are equal partners with their husbands.

Some argue they are the leaders of the households. They learn early on how to take care of themselves and their families so it becomes a way of life for them.

Because of this, it’s natural for the woman to bear the duties of a man and as a matter of fact, the tradition is passed on from one generation to the next.

2The Religious One

With all cultures, you’ll find women of color and Jamaican men who are highly religious and are serious about their belief in a higher power. If this tickles your fancy, perhaps, you should be dating a Jamaican girl. These Jamaican girls are thoughtful, warm, loving creatures.

If you are dating one of these women, likely she’s a keeper. Slow to bed down with you and sets her sights on marriage and family, rather than play the field. She stands by the word of God and reads constantly to grow even closer to Him.

3Jamaican Bad Attitudes

How to get a Jamaican girl? It’s important that you understand Jamaican women are not weaklings. These women are not only vocal, but a “dutty Jamaican Gal” or a dirty Jamaican girl will fight when necessary. (Yes, things can get ugly dealing with a Jamaican woman.)

Fighting a man is nothing for her plus she may have a few baby daddies and is capable of manipulation. In the states, those girls are affectionately called “ratchet” or “hood rats” but it’s not one of the things to say to a Jamaican girl.

4How to Get a Jamaican Girl? Shower Every Day

Not only is fresh breath important, but so is taking a bath every day. There’s nothing worse than a smelly man. If she suspects you don’t have good hygiene, she will not be with you!

Don’t forget to put on deodorant after your shower and maybe splash on cologne, but make sure the odor she smells is a pleasant one.

5Don’t Kiss Me

If you want to piss your beautiful Jamaican woman off, then give her reason to think you’re playing around. She will not even kiss you under these circumstances. How to get a Jamaican girl? You must be faithful and true to her and her mouth.

This means you can’t go around swapping spit with other women expecting your woman to catch her germs. Not going to happen, buddy.

6Jamaican Table Manners

A Jamaican man dating a Jamaican woman means you should be on your P’s and Q’s especially if you’re on a first date. Please, wipe your mouth, don’t talk with your mouth full and don’t let her sit there with food on her face either.

This is justification for an argument if you do. She feels it’s her man’s responsibility to let her know when her hair is out of place or when a situation could be embarrassing for her.

7How to get a Jamaican girl? Brush Your Breath!

How to get a Jamaican girl? Women are adamant about fresh breath and clean mouths. I mean, if you want a kiss, your breath had better be refreshing. Always have on hand some mints or gum so you’re ready for the big, goodnight kiss.

Here are even more tips – 10 Steps to Get a Girl Like a Jamaican.  I hope you like comedy.

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I hope I have shed light on how to get a Jamaican girl, Jamaican dating and marriage. Good luck to you, my friend and to your new girl. Please, share your tips on dating a Jamaican woman.

We’d love to hear about your experiences, but until then, I’m Mikki… Mikki Donaldson saying, “It’s 11ahleven, time to check out.”

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