From cracked feet to Pretty colorful feet, toes and nails
Not everyone has pretty feet naturally. Here are ways to get rid of cracked feet.
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Do you need heeling? By now, we all know that “crack is whack!” It’s a condition that can happen to the young as well as the old and if you are suffering from cracked feet and are looking for a cracked feet cure, you’ve come to the right place. As a matter of fact, I know you are so, keep reading!

Warning signs of having cracked feet?

You may not notice the dead skin on heels at first; the signs are gradual. However, catching it in time will keep things under control. Look for –

  • Itchy, dry skin that seems to flake up
  • Hard, tough skin around the edges
  • Pain or tenderness while walking
  • Peeling dead skin on feet

What causes the dead skin on feet?

It’s a common problem that happens to the best of us… men and women alike. Cracking can occur on one or both of your feet and you can have dead skin on toes. How does it happen?

It could be as simple as putting a lot of weight or force on the bottom of your feet. But it won’t happen overnight. It will take awhile before you notice the changes.

You also may see it as a more common presence during the winter months. I mean, let’s be honest… okay. We just don’t pay as much attention to our feet in the winter time as we do in the summer, but the cold weather months are when most of the damage takes place.

Nonetheless, you can be the victim of embarrassing cracked heels for a number of reasons. It could be –

1. You have a vitamin/mineral deficiency

2. Inadequate foot care

3. Questionable hygiene practices

4. Poor blood flow

5. Wearing the wrong kinds of shoes

6. Skin irritations like eczema

7. Wear open shoes (flip flops) all of the time.

You can have a fissure that could make walking and standing painful. It also depends on what kind of shoe you are wearing as well if you are uncomfortable. If you don’t take care of it when your feet are like this, your heels can start to bleed and get infected. (Ummm, that’s not sexy.) In this case, you will undeniably need sole healing.

Thank goodness there’s help for cracked heels. Most are easy recipes men and women can do at home, however, you may need a professional for those dogs. LOL

Have you seen pictures of cracked feet? If I were you, I wouldn’t take many chances. Make an appointment with your dermatologist if you have to.

How to get rid of dead skin on feet

Providing you want to take steps at home to heal dry, cracked heels and feet, here are a couple of things you can try. However, you should get rid of the excess first and remember, it’s a heeling process that won’t happen overnight. In addition, try to apply a cream that is oil based to your heels morning and night.

While you’re doing this, wear a thick pair of white socks for a few hours – preferably overnight. You can go out for a pedi but if you have just 15-20 minutes, you can learn how to fix cracked feet at home.

  1. Soak feet in warm water (add moisturizer or foot lotion for cracked feet)
  2. Mash a ripe banana well. Apply it to the bottom of your feet or on affected areas. Rinse with warm bath water and pat feet dry. Repeat weekly
  3. Soak your feet in some warm water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a drop of shampoo and spoon of Vaseline
  4. Shea butter or coconut oil is a great alternative to lanolin. Don’t forget to wear white socks after application, usually before bed.
  5. You’ll need an emery board and a metal file for this home remedy. Before you soak your feet, file the dead skin off first. Once complete, soak in solution. When time is up, use the metal file to remove remaining dead skin and smooth out. Apply moisturizer with plant extracts and natural oils.
  6. It seems like a shame to do this, but you can also use an avocado to heel dry, cracked feet. Mash it up and apply to affected areas of your feet. Leave it on for up to 20 minutes. Rinse off using warm water and of course, pat dry, apply moisturizer and footies. In the same manner, you can substitute the avocado with papaya.
  7. The latest trends include the omnipotent apple cider vinegar – watch the video to find out what it can do for your feet.
This Happens If You Dip Your Feet In Vinegar One Night A Week!!

If all else fails, google “how to fix cracked feet with duct tape.”


You will likely feel a vast improvement after the cracked feet treatment is over, but a significant change will come with time. Stay with it ’cause I saw your feet and oh boy, do you need heeling! LOL Give us some feedback or send us your favorite or trusted cracked feet peel recipe. It’s important women of color stick together, you know and trade secrets. It’s what sisters do… and brother’s, too. Hey, I’ll see Y’all next time – I’m outta here. Smooches!

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