Signs You’re in Love With a Narcissist

Knowing how to deal with narcissistic behavior gives you the edge to controlling how he or she behaves around you.

The narcissists will knock you down, smear your reputation and not think twice about it.
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The top ten signs you are in love with a narcissist are the truth! We wake up with these mysterious people on our minds, whether the thoughts are good or bad, we can’t shake them. What is this? Signs you’re in love, my friend.

Sadly, it’s not only that, but your love interest is a narcissist and we go to bed thinking about that one person we love to hate or rather do we hate to love them? Not to mention, we wonder do they love us back?

We break up only to make up again. We love, we hurt and we heal, but how many times can we go through the same madness?

The narcissistic things we do for love

You question why haven’t they called to check up on you and tried to make up, but then, you think you can’t be the first one to call. You’ll lose what’s left of your self-respect and certainly, that can’t happen.

You pick up the phone and you put it down, you pick it up again, but this time you throw it across the room. Yeah, you got it bad, ’cause now there are two broken relationships –  the one with your lover and the one with your phone, and you just want to cry your little heart and soul out.

Suddenly, you remember the trusty tablet, so you wipe the dust off it and check your Twitter page only to find out why there’s been no phone calls or any text messages. (you snort fire and shake your head) It’s that witch Jessica!  

He’s messed with the wrong woman this time! Now, you’re headed out the door, wishing you had a phone so you can call him and let him have a piece of your mind, right? Oh yeah, this is what happens when you’re in love with a narcissist. 

The emotional roller coaster

Now all of these emotions, thoughts, and ideas are going through your head and you’re mad and overly jealous ain’t even the words to describe you at this very moment. You ask yourself if you’ve done something wrong. But you know deep down, it wasn’t you.

You’ve done everything possible to make this sociopath happy, yet for some ungodly reason, you want to apologize and make things right one more time and you’re the one who has been wronged!

You’ve been through the same scenario a thousand times and truthfully, you’re growing tired of all this back and forth. Being in love with a narcissist is literally exhausting and emotionally draining and you wonder, when does it end?

The answer is simple. Honestly, it ends when you say it ends, but we all know it’s easier said than done.

In love with a narcissist?

You break up to make up and you think planning a romantic night complete with long, red stem roses and a large diamond ring will take you to the next level in your relationship.

Well, it might change a girl’s mind depending on the size of the diamond; even Kobe’s wife was persuaded to forgive, but he’s not Kobe. You’re left alone and crying; it’s what we do when we’re in love with a narcissist.

Your friends have told you more often than not but you don’t listen. They don’t even ask how you guys are doing anymore because they can look at your puffy eyes and tell the answer. I remember those days, having to go to work looking a hot mess.

Not cute, at all! This sounds like someone who exemplifies narcissistic behavior and this person is unavailable to love.

You get so depressed sometimes, you don’t even answer the door for your friends, isolating yourself from the people who love you or return their phone calls because your real friends are straightforward and honest when they say you look like a cat touching a live wire.

Thank God it’s the weekend ’cause you haven’t combed your hair in days. If you are miserable more than you are happy, something’s wrong. These are signs you’re falling in love with a narcissist.

This behavior should be a wake-up call if nothing else. Listen, my friends, if a relationship doesn’t make you better, then it’s not working. Is it worth it? (It’s certainly an individual decision, no judgments here!)

Recognizing narcissistic personality disorder

Donald Trump's picture definition of narcissist
I looked up ‘narcissist’ and Donald Trump’s photo came up! I kid you not!

You probably already know someone who has a narcissist personality and don’t even realize it. Get to know what the narcissistic symptoms are so you will know what to look for before you fall in love with a narcissist. Keep reading to find out.

Well, actually, there are two kinds of narcissistic personalities … one in which the person is loud, and the other represents someone who is shy while all along they are praying for your downfall.

It’s as though they have another personality. In the beginning, they are cool people… but after a few weeks or so, it’s like that same body becomes possessed by demonic spirits.

Narcissistic people such as Donald Trump are found in leadership positions and they always end up making the conversation about themselves.

Sound familiar now? Wait… there’s more. Try changing the subject and they switch it back to their favorite story… their own. When people with a narcissistic personality disorder talk about themselves… and they love to talk about themselves, always tell the same old story.

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but they go on and on, but they never give you a chance to say a word. They swear they are just misunderstood or they are the victim in any given situation. Narcissists love to shop high-end stuff even though they cannot afford it.

When it comes to looking good, they dress to the nine and put a lot of importance on looking their best, specifically better than you. They want to be catered to. They are often inconsiderate and think the world owes them something.

How to deal with a narcissist

5 Key Phrases to Disarm a Narcissist-Reclaim Your Control

These people have no regard for anyone’s feelings. Narcissism relationships are difficult. Nothing you do will make them happy… nothing! Yes indeed… did you fall in love with a narcissist?  Wondering what in the world to do now? Well, hold on and keep reading.

Not all narcissists wear the same hat; they each have different tendencies, therefore, you will need to examine their behavior as well as yours in order to deal with narcissism.

Types of Narcissists 

First, determine the kind of narcissist you’re in love with. Understand vulnerable narcissists don’t like themselves much so they undercut everyone around them to make themselves look like a hero as opposed to grandiose narcissists, who, by the way, works well in a group.

The antagonists want the spotlight all the time, and this can be annoying. Give them and the grandiose personalities just enough to pacify their needs and keep it moving. Accept these people for who he or she is and deal with this person instead of letting him or her affect your blood pressure.

Always keep your cool, don’t succumb to their tantrums and don’t let them know you’re aware of their mischief and insecurities. When possible, find some humor in the situation. Um, yeah… being in love with a narcissist means being a parent to a grown up. 

You can call out the grandiose personality but be professional about it or be as nice as you can when you do. Comparatively, some personalities get off watching other people go down in agony. These people can be vindictive and revengeful.

In love with a narcissist: Conclusion

Finally, know these people need professional help. They don’t have high self-esteem and they feel inadequate, honestly. If you’re in love with a narcissist, I feel for you.  However, there’s no rule saying they can’t change this pattern of self-destruction, it’s never too late once you admit there’s a problem.

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