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The needy man is a man who simply feels he needs a woman to be complete. This man is likely shy, controlling or annoying, at least to some degree.

Signs of a Needy Man

More often, the needy man is desperate to find a woman… any woman of color, but especially a woman who submits to him. As long as she is his and is available to comfort him and be by his side… all of the time, he’s a happy man.

Taking note of a man’s body language will assist the woman in revealing a particular kind of man. In the case of making eye contact, if a man gazes back at a woman for at least five seconds or longer and then smiles at her, he is considered to be strong and confident.

However, if he can’t hold the gaze, this man may not be the man you’re looking for. He is an emotionally needy man and this could be a turn-off to most women.

The needy man is overly sensitive and without understanding the needy man syndrome, dating this man can be emotionally draining and frustrating for you.

Being needy doesn’t make him a “bad” person, however, making the decision to stay in the relationship can be difficult.  On the other hand, you can learn how to deal with a needy man.

You can avoid the needy man altogether and save yourself some problems or realize what the signs are by paying attention to what he’s saying and doing.

I've got needs, but I'm not needy man
Some say everyone needs somebody but that doesn’t mean you’re a needy person.

The Clingy Boyfriend 

The needy man will meet a woman today and will tell her that he loves her within a matter of days.  He will also mention marriage and perhaps plan to have children.  Come on now, who does this?  Most men don’t.

Most men wait until much later in the relationship to even think about love, let alone marriage AND children. But wait, there are other signs of a needy man.  Keep reading!

Obsessive.  He calls too many times and when you are not able to respond right away, he’s upset.  The needy man wants the constant reassurance of your love and loyalty along with your whereabouts.

Possessive.  He will break ties or commitments with his friends and family because he now has a woman in his life.  Just as he breaks commitments with others, he will expect the same from his woman.

He will not tolerate anyone or anything that has precedence over him.  While dating a needy man, you can pretty much forget about a girl’s night out… well, without an argument anyways.

The needy man is often lonely. He is also the stalker.  He’ll ride by your house or just show up at your job unexpectedly.  He secretly looks at your social media pages and your phone to find out if he missed anything or to find something that you didn’t tell him about.

He will put his woman on top of a pedestal and if he can afford it, he will bring her gifts or take her shopping.  You see, buying the woman “things” only puts the stamp on the relationship – giving him certain rights or ownership.

The “Yes” Man.  He will do everything except for saying no. Don’t expect him to like the fact you have your own mind. Typically, a woman wants a man she cannot manipulate.  Saying “yes” to her whims will not please her for long.  In addition, she could treat him badly and he would let her get away with it.

The independent woman won’t have the time to cuddle and will find this man, a momma’s boy, to be a nuisance.  As a self-reliant woman, you may not “need a man” and that, my friend, will upset the needy man.

She is not afraid of being alone.  The needy man fears rejection, however, he will disclose much about his feelings and thoughts.

Nonetheless, he will come out of a bag on you when you show another man or woman for that matter, affection or give them the attention that he thinks he should be getting.

Can You Change a Needy Man?

In order to overcome this, you may want to establish some rules and stick to your guns.  Additionally, you may have to constantly give reassurance that you are not going anywhere.

In reality, who has time for that as a grown individual?  However, if we love someone, women go the distance for her man.

If you find yourself in a relationship with a needy man, know that it’s going to take some adjusting if you want to keep him.  It’s going to be a lot of work and it won’t happen overnight.  Do you need some dating advice?

Relationship Advice for Women

There are things you must understand if you are going to help the needy man become a better person.  This could be the result of previous relationships or even the relationship the needy man had with his parents.

Perhaps, he was abandoned by one or both of his parents.  Understanding the root of his neediness is the key to releasing the prisoner of his attachment or anxiety disorder.



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