Let’s face it, every man can recall dating the wrong woman. It’s the haunting nightmare that carried beyond its expiration date (the wrong woman 2013) yet, you live to tell the fellas about it. 

You remember Jessica who demanded dinner at Pizza Hut and then orders a salad. The first thoughts were to just get up and leave because I knew then I was dating the wrong woman. The woman of my dreams would have torn up that all-you-can-eat salad and pizza bar. 

Of course, that didn’t happen (sobs silently). Although maybe not as dramatic, there were signs you were dating the wrong woman. You can see this now that you look back on the red flags.

Here’s the thing; we’ve all been through it before but why didn’t we see the signs and just tuck-and-roll out of there? It’s funny how you think you’d be a pro at detecting the wrong woman especially after watching the wrong woman lifetime movie.

But like every other person on the planet, you wear blinders and all you can see is this pretty round booty, I mean, a girl with the cutest jiggle… I mean, giggle.

Luckily, I’ve put together some helpful signs to save you some time deciding if you’re dating the wrong woman. You don’t have to thank me, what are bros for, right?

Signs to Know if You’re Dating the Wrong Woman 

8Over Possessive + Dominating

Raise of hands – who’s guilty of dating a woman who was overly possessive and dominating? She may seem precious and innocent at first but give it time.

She’ll put a chip in you like a pet, and you won’t be able to go through security at the airport! (haha) So now, they are calling you a “flight risk.” Please, don’t pretend I’m the only one with weird friends.

If you have a girlfriend who treats you like property or pushes you around physically or verbally, please see the list of lifetime thriller movies for comparisons. 

The right woman wouldn’t call you names, demean you or your thoughts, cling to you like Velcro, or make every decision for you and the relationship. You know who would though? That witch Jessica and we all know, she’s the wrong girl for me, I mean, my friend.

7Disrespectful to Others

This is my biggest bugaboo – I refuse to associate with people who have no ounce of decency for others. Pay close attention to how she acts around people, specifically those in the service industry or a similar line of work.

If she talks down to them, you’re with the wrong woman. Remember, she’s going to be like that every time you’re in a situation where some poor soul is taking her order or trying to help her. Also, keep an eye on how she treats the elderly.

Hearing her trash people who she says “are repulsive” or “disgusting,” makes her unattractive on the inside and the outside, so don’t waste your time, dude – she’s just like the wrong woman in the lifetime drama movies 2017.  

6Gotta Force It? You’re Dating the Wrong Woman

When you’re with the wrong woman, the relationship seems like a job, whether it’s talking, choosing a place to go, or simply romance.

Relationships, where you have to constantly pry some sort of reaction out of the other person just to have something to talk about, is not worth it.

If you’re in a position where the effort you’re putting in outweighs what you’re getting out of it, then slowly walk out and send her a breakup text message.

5Jessica Jealous Heart

Admitting we all get a tad bit jealous from time to time, it’s completely natural, so don’t stress.

However, when Jessica Jealous Heart gets all riled up over something as insignificant as the GPS lady telling you “you’ve reached your destination,” it may be a good idea to let her get out of the car and drive away, fast!

Jealousy rears its ugly head to the best of us, but for the women who have zero control over it, prepare for the endless game of territory marking. I hope you realize you’re dating the wrong woman!

4Avoids Tough Talks

Sacrifice – that’s what it takes plus a lot of time to make your relationship work and be successful. A key to a lasting relationship is communication. 

You may realize a pattern the more you bring up serious issues like moving in together or the future, or why do you have two cell phones? For some people, words don’t come easy, and for others, the words are there but they just don’t want to say them.

They fear what they say won’t match the other person’s opinion or simply they don’t want to deal with the situation.

3The Light Switch

For a guy, there’s nothing that makes you want to rip your hair out more than a woman who flips her crazy switch back and forth from Angel to the spawn of Satan, avoiding you entirely, not answering your calls, texts, snaps… nothing.

Seriously, am I the only one has seen a woman be so sweet and loving one day and the next is foaming at the mouth, imagining punching you in the face for speaking to her?

Well, it does happen, maybe not that scenario, but a lot of women flip the switch whereas one day they’re the perfect girlfriend and the next, they are like Danica McKellar (the Wrong Woman 2013). 

There’s a good chance she’s even accused you of something you didn’t do. How could you not feel like you are being pushed and pulled into your girlfriend’s hot and cold personality swings? Dude, I just have one thing to say; you’re dating the wrong girl!

2Lack of Interest in Your Family`

Family is everything, and a woman who doesn’t show the slightest intrigue or interest in meeting your family or even being around them clearly she’s not interested in knowing you or your family. In light of this discovery, you should fake your death immediately.

Just joking but if something as important as your family doesn’t make her excited and possibly nervous, she’s the wrong woman. Avoiding your family is a bad sign, especially if she insists you go to her family gathering.

1The Infamous Car Locks Test

Anyone who’s seen the iconic movie A Bronx Tale, starring Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri, knows the test; it’s to see if you’re dating the wrong woman.

The test only works if you lock both car doors. As you are walking your date to the car, unlock her door and wait for her to get in and close the door. Then, as you’re walking to the back of the car, turn to see if she reaches over and unlocks your door.

However, in the 21st century, she may just hit the unlock button on her side. Either way, if she does, she’s a keeper. If she doesn’t, open the door tell her it’s not going to work out and that it’s her, not you. Take a look at this video if you need to hear what I just told you.

 The End

At the end already?! Wow… but okay, the conclusion is this; your lady is the wrong woman if she shows signs of these traits. You’ve won the joker’s jackpot and for this, we are sorry.

However, from now on you’ll know the signs of dating the wrong woman and what to look for in a girlfriend. Let’s remember this is a guide, not a bro code to follow to the letter.

I’ll be rooting for your success, gentlemen. Hopefully, you don’t waste your time dating the wrong woman.

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