Looking like a model is a full-time job. If you are like me, you have at least one friend who is incredibly beautiful and looks like a model street style.

She looks great all of the time, she’s smart and she seems as though she has it going on. She’ll have you wondering what are her secrets for beautiful looking skin, flawless makeup, and soft, touchable hair. 

Well, after many pleading discussions with my attractive looking friend, she shared with me some of her hacks for looking like a model from eyebrows to hairstyles to how to lose weight.

Of course, I can’t tell everything, however, I’m going to reveal a few of her secrets to looking like a model with you.

  1. Know your fashion designers
  2. Develop your own style and being
  3. Pick out clothes fit for your lifestyle
  4. Buy shoes that coordinate with your wardrobe
  5. Drink adequate amounts of water daily for a healthy body
  6. Keep your fingernails groomed
  7. Hydrate your skin daily
  8. Eat fresh foods and fruits
  9. Wear makeup to enhance your features
  10. Wear makeup to decrease the appearance of flaws
  11. See a salon specialist for hairstyles
  12. Be confident
  13. Get out and do something!

Now let’s get to the specifics! Here are her secrets to looking like a model.

11. The Brows

Eyebrows are the thing right now. Learn the techniques to perfect brows. Makeup – source Jacqellinela

1. The primary key to great looking brows is putting on a shade that is darker than your own brow color. It will give an absolute definition to your eyes while leaving you with a natural-looking color.
2. Try outlining the brow. Trace over the perimeter of your brow with a pencil, then smudge the color into your brow hairs. Take a small comb or brush and push the hair upward.
3. Use a tint on those gray hairs instead of plucking them with the tweezers. What you may not know is that gray hairs don’t grow back like other fine hairs. Tinting the hair brows will give you relief up to two months. You will appreciate the difference in the time it takes you to apply make-up.
4. Apply a highlighter to the brow bone and as close to the hairline as you can possibly go to achieve that model look.

10. Model Makeup – the Lashes

Secrets to looking like a model include doing those lashes! Image Anna Spyrka

The eyelash curler is probably underrated, but it’s one of her secrets to looking like a model. However, once you start to use it, you won’t want to part with it. Apply a light powder to the lashes so the mascara will stick to it.

Using a hair dryer, heat your lash curler. Carefully place and arrange your lashes between the rims of the curler and near the roots of the lash, then slightly apply pressure for about thirty seconds.

Squeeze one more time midway the lash for the same amount of time. Without waiting any length of time, apply the mascara.

If you are applying more than one coat, let the first application dry completely. Cover the entire lash for a fuller effect.

Use black liner and mascara on the top lashes and brown liner and mascara on the bottom. This creates a look that makes your eyes seem wider and brighter.

9. A Woman’s Fingernails

secrets to looking like a model are in her hands. image ish jewel fingernails

You don’t have to go to a salon every other week to have a great set of nails, nonetheless, a woman’s nails tell so much about her. A lot can be said about a woman or man with great looking nails.

One thing to remember is that everyone pays attention to the nails as much as the face, so they too must be on point. Dirty nails on a woman is a turn-off, even to other women.

One of the most significant things we do to care for our nails is by eating a proper diet. If you notice horizontal lines on your fingernails, it could be a sign of poor digestion.

Vertical lines could mean the same thing, only it’s accompanied by a lack of minerals and vitamins such as B12 and iron.

Eat foods loaded with protein, vitamin-rich and high in minerals. Calcium, iron and vitamin D are superb for growing and strengthening nails. If you like the taste of fish, put it on your plate a couple times a week with your veggies, along with nuts and whole wheat foods.

8. Sagging, Turkey Necks

Most people forget about the neck, however, it shows signs of aging like the rest of our body.

One of the side effects of growing older or losing weight is loose and sagging skin. As we progress in age, our skin loses elasticity. It can happen anywhere, including the neck. You can’t have that if you’re looking for modeling jobs.

However, there is a cure for the loose skin around the neck. As another one of her secrets to looking like a model, she tells me there are several ways in which to tighten the skin, some are costly and others won’t cost you a dime.

7. Exercise

Exercise is good for every muscle in the body, including your neck muscles. Stretch your neck and lower facial muscles once or twice each day so that your neck appears firmer.

Put one hand on top of your forehead and push your head against it and hold for around ten seconds. You should feel the muscles in your neck working. After you’ve done that, clasp both your hands behind the head and push back for ten seconds.

In the sitting position with your back straight and mouth closed, lift your head back so your chin is in the air. Now, pretend as though you are chewing. Can you feel it? The skin should feel tight.

Do this about twenty times. A variation of this exercise would be to pucker your lips as if you were going to kiss someone instead of chewing. Do this twice.

Avoid straining your neck during this exercise. Lie on your bed with your head hanging over the edge… slowly bring your head up toward your torso using your neck muscles. Carefully bring it down again. Repeat five times, but stop immediately if you are uncomfortable or if you start to feel pain.

6. Hydration

Water is so crucial to the body’s functions and to the healthy looking skin. Skin that is hydrated is less likely to droop and wrinkle. The best recommendation is to drink at least 8 bottles of water each day.

Water is best, however, almost any liquid will suffice. As an alternative, attempt drinking clear, non-caffeinated beverages. Put limitations on coffee and tea, as too many of these items could not be healthy for you.

Moisture. Putting moisture back into the skin is important. Use a specific type that boosts collagen and elastin so that your skin will stay looking radiant and it will also help it to be firmer.

5. Stop smoking!

For so many reasons, we shouldn’t smoke. Nonetheless, I bet you didn’t know the effects it could have on the skin. I was in denial but trust me, smoking makes us age faster. If you stop smoking now, you’ll look better and feel better.

4. Looking Like a Model with a New Hairstyle

Long natural hair feels good on the neck and looks great on this model.

The haircut or hairstyle is mainly based on the personality. More so, it tells the world how we feel about ourselves and our lifestyles.

Most of us are busy with chores, jobs, and extra activities so we don’t have a lot of time to just sit in the salon looking like a model, therefore, we are constantly trying to find a hairstyle (or a wig) that can easily convert from work-to-play, from casual to formal.

Short hairstyles are likely the best decision. You first need to decide on a length and color, or if you are going straight or curly. In order to do this, you need to find out what shape is your face… is it over, square, round or long.

These things make a large difference in the way we look with a particular style, so what looks great on one person, may not necessarily appear the same on the other person.

You may need to find out what shape is your face before deciding on a style. Is your face oval, square, round or long? These things make a huge difference in the way we look with a particular style, so what looks great on one person, may not necessarily appear the same on the other person.

Do you want bangs, layers or both? You may want to try a program allowing you to preview an image of what you look like with a particular cut and color before making a final decision. Talk to your favorite stylist to see if he or she has this application available or google one for use yourself.

3. For Thinning Hair

Putting on a hat is not the answer to thinning hair, it could be the reason why your hair is thin.

Thinning hair is a natural occurrence for some of us due to the consequences of chemically treated hair, wearing hats and wigs or a medical condition. As a temporary fix, you could add extensions (secrets to looking like a model) to your hair to provide volume.

For a more permanent solution, wash your locks daily with a strengthening shampoo and conditioner. To achieve hair that is thicker and healthier, you should attempt to restore moisture and balance to your hair with a shampoo that protects against nature’s elements.

2. The Benefits of Looking Like a Model: Diet and Exercise

You don’t have to have a six-pack of abs to look like a model, but you can!

You don’t have to have a six-pack of abs to look like a model, but you can!

The benefits of looking like a model and exercise are almost instantaneous, whether you want to learn how to lose weight or if it’s just for self-confidence. Whatever your choice, strengthening your body is a step in the right direction.

It can be with Pilates, Yoga or by hitting the gym for a session with the weights. Even jumping rope, riding a bike or just plain walking has its fine points.

When you work out, your heart rate increases and more blood are delivered to your muscles. You start to burn calories and stored fat almost as soon as you start exercising. Exercising changes the way we look and the way we feel.

1. How to become a model? 

That’s another blog. Until then, get your body right. You can do as little as twenty minutes or thirty minutes a day and receive terrific benefits from it. A cardio workout will literally add years to your life, especially if you stop smoking, overeating or drinking.

If you exercise two to three days a week and eat according to your weight loss diet plan, you will be much happier looking like a model. The results… more energy, less weight, look younger and live longer.

Resistance training tones and tightens the muscles and skin for a tight body. Besides these facts, your lungs will thank you. When you do cardio exercises, your brain will send signals to your lungs so you are able to breathe deeper and faster.

You are motivated to do more exercises as your metabolism receives a boost and when you can fit in the kind of dress models wear. The endorphins in the body are activated so you get the same benefits as your model workout.

So now I’ve shared some of my friend’s secrets for looking like a model, maybe the modeling agencies will spot you on the street and hire you on the spot! I think I’m going to try them all until I find the right look for me. Got something you want to share?  Then share it!


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