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Learning how to let go of a bad relationship is not easy, but it’s necessary! When a relationship has outgrown its usefulness, you must let go. I know you don’t want to, but self preservation is of the essence, don’t you agree?

We have to do it for our own good, and forgive them. Relationships are beautiful, and especially in the beginning, but when things go wrong, they go wrong and it hurts!  

What makes us like someone or dislike someone is a personal issue and it’s not the same for everyone. It varies from person to person. Sometimes, the very thing we like about someone turns out to be the very thing that drives us insane. 

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It’s crazy, right? When it’s to the point where everything the other person does drive you crazy, it’s time to examine the relationship and the effects of a toxic relationship.

My relationship advice to anyone is to move on from an unhealthy relationship until you two can work out the issues. Trust me, I know how hard it is to let go of a bad relationship… I really do. And that’s one reason it is so important to know who you’re dealing with before you commit your heart and soul into loving someone.

How to let go of a bad relationship 

How do you let go of a bad relationship and move on? Again, I know it’s a struggle to just get through the day without feeling angry, pain, disappointment and maybe even revengeful. However, these emotions are only part of the healing process, believe it or not. But while you’re going through it, you’re suffering. Bad relationship hurts.

After the breakup, you feel lonely and the emptiness, and confusion that comes with it, consumes us. 

We cry, we miss meals, and we break dates with our friends and family just so we can be alone with the pain. Sometimes we pick up other self-harming or self-medicating behaviors that are just as toxic as the person we let go. If not that then the first chance we get, we go back to a bad relationship to avoid the heartache. We clearly deserve better. 

The reality is this:

After a few days of withdrawals, you will feel better. You will come to realize getting out of a bad relationship is in your best interest and be proud of yourself, enough to continue healing.

Listen to your friends because they are right – you will be okay! Remember the reason or reasons why your heart is broken in the first place and the signs of a toxic relationship in the event there’s a next time. Toxic relationships are cancerous and if you have been down this road a hundred times, you may be doing yourself more harm than you know physically and mentally. 

Learn how to let go of a bad relationship if you are in an abusive relationship.

How to let go of someone you love

When you stay in a relationship which is going nowhere, by the way, you are cheating yourself. You are cheating yourself by blocking your happiness and possibly, the person who’s for you from entering your life.

While you’re busy trying to patch up a toxic relationship, there’s someone who will bring you fresh flowers and run your bath water without hesitation. But until you learn how to let go of a bad relationship, you won’t meet that person. 

  • The first order of business is to learn the warning signs of a toxic relationship, along with your weaknesses and break the cycle. Yes, I’m saying if you are going through the same thing, repeatedly, there’s a pattern. The mental health experts describe this behavior as insane, सनकी, Loko-Loko, kreizi, or cra-cra and we know you’re not. You’re just in love and love will make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. But just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you have to be anybody’s doormat! 
  • Use the time you have now to improve your circumstances. Above all, take things slowly before getting into another relationship. Learn how to let go of a bad relationship, accept your mistakes and involvement in the relationships and fix it.
  • Surround yourself with people you love, even if it means going to mom’s house or to dad’s house for a little while. Wherever you feel loved, go there for support and healing. No one is going to blame you because you were in a bad relationship.
  • How to let go of a bad relationship? Be happy being by yourself. As a matter of fact, treat yourself and invite your friends out for a spa day, shopping trip, lunch or dinner… whatever you consider fun, do it and do it well.
  • You may need to have a good cry. On the other hand, you can throw beer bottles or punch a boxing bag, lift weights, ride your bike and go the distance to release tension and anxiety. Watch your pain and anger leave your body with each punch, each push-up and each mile. You’ll feel better in more ways than one. You’ll look better, too, with regular exercise. If you need to tone and tighten and want sweet revenge, now is a good time to work on your abs or glutes.
  • Pick up a book and start learning how to let go of a bad relationship. Or go back to school. Do you have a hobby? Change your routine so you are not doing things that remind you of the two of you. Do something to fill idle time, but make it a positive change.
  • How to let go of a bad relationship? Plan a dinner, road trip or vacation with close friends and family. Maybe see a concert in the next town or state, but didn’t because you were busy with your ex.


If you feel you should apologize when someone has hurt you, chances are you don’t know how to let go of a bad relationship.

Remember, the person you’re inviting into your life is slowly killing your self-esteem, your self-love, your identity and at the end of the day, you are not doing the other person any favors either.

You’re leading them to believe it’s okay to treat people this way and that’s not cool. Stand up for yourself – love yourself and watch who you attract. It may be the love of your life! Join one of those dating sites if you must.  It’s no shame in it.  Plenty of people you know use them! 

Don’t stop dating because this relationship didn’t work out.  I know, sometimes, it’s how we feel… like giving up on love but don’t. The guy or girl we desire to have could be your next date.  Think about it and let us know how it all comes out. 

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