What to expect when dating a Jamaican man

“Psst, psst (this sound is similar to a snake’s hiss), blue shirt, big bumpa girl.” Acknowledgments like these are the first signs that you have caught the interest of a real Jamaican man.

Now some of you sistahs will roll your eyes, smile secretly to yourself, and continue walking while there are those of us who will stop and exchange numbers.

Once you give him your number, sis, just know that you have just signed up for a very exhilarating roller coaster ride. Here are some important tips for dating a Jamaican man.

The Good

1. You Better Can Cook!

First and foremost, if you are an American woman dating a Jamaican man, you should know he loves authentic food.

A majority of Jamaican men grew up in homes in which their mothers were tantalizing cooks so they are used to their curry goat and rice and peas, oxtail and rice and peas, brown-stewed chicken and ground provisions.

If you plan to date a Jamaican man anytime in the near future, start practicing in the kitchen from now or else if they ever date you and find out that you cannot cook, they are either going to boot you out the door or um, cheat on you with somebody who can cook.

Yes, food is that important for a Jamaican man. However, you can stay on your course to lose weight and still cook for your man. 

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2. Michelin chefs

On the other hand, Jamaica men are some of the best cooks on this side of the western hemisphere. If you find a Jamaican man who is intent on wooing you or if you have made a home with him, be prepared for the orgasmic meals he will whip up in the kitchen.

He will have your taste buds salivating on the regular.

3. They are hard workers

Jamaican men very hard workers. A Jamaican man will most likely be working a number of jobs so he can provide for you and the family. They believe men should be the providers and they will see to it they provide for you and there is food in the house.

Do not take this the wrong way but, although they work, most Jamaican men do not think women should stay at home. They believe women should go out and work too and if he finds out that your occupation is to stay at home with or without children and depend solely on them, he will properly chastise you.

They believe women should go out and work too and if he finds out that your occupation is to stay at home with or without children and depend solely on them, he will properly chastise you.

4. Inventors of romance

A Jamaican man will tell you outright what he proposes for a romantic night. Most of the time he will be able to provide solid evidence to support his dreams of romancing you.

Um, do you think tourists only visit the island for the sun, sea, and sand? Yes, Jamaican men know how to deliver. A night with a Jamaican man will leave you languid, relaxed, and smiling from ear to ear the next morning.

They are not boring individuals, no ma’am! Do not be surprised when you find yourself booking another trip to Jamaica.

5. Family-oriented, jovial and all-around good sports

Jamaican men often come from big families, so during the course of the relationship, he will introduce you to a whole boatload of relatives. You may be invited to a cousin’s birthday party or just to enjoy a few games of dominoes and beer at his family’s home.

Honey, if and when you see his parents, aunts or grandmother, do not start imagining diamond rings in your head and do not imagine yourself walking down the aisle. I repeat do not think this is a sign he will pop the question.

Family and friendship go hand in hand meaning that if he says he is going to just hang with friends, oftentimes those friends are his cousins and brothers.

6. He shows his feminine side

It does not stop there; If he really rates you (if he really likes you), you can, with the right amount of persuasion get him to do things that other men would not do.

For example, if you are a hairdresser and need somebody to practice on, he will allow you to put that wig cap on him so that you can practice that sew-in, girl. I should know, my boyfriend is Jamaican. Hahaha! 

So far, he sounds like a dream, right? Well, sadly, he’s not perfect.

The Bad and the Ugly

7. They will cheat

Similar to other men, there are some Jamaican men who will cheat on you every day of the week and twice on Sundays. They will look you dead in the eye and tell you they are not cheating without even flinching.

8. They are full of lyrics

If you do find out they are cheating and want to leave the relationship, they will spin you some tales that will make you feel like the guilty one instead of them.

These men will have you feeling sorry for them and promising to give them one more chance. When that does not work, they will start kissing and touching.

He will have you melting like ice when it’s cold outside in the blink of an eye. Sister, why do you think so many women cannot leave Jamaican men alone?

9. They are possessive

Yep, you’re dating Jamaican man, sweetheart, and they will not look kindly on you having a lot of male friends. He will think the other man is thinking what he thinks when he looks at you and it drives him crazy!

The level of possessiveness varies with each individual. There are some who will just express their dislike for your male friends; there are others who will be downright violent about it.

A word of advice, sis, if you are dating any man and find he gets violent in his jealousy, it is time for you to pack your bags and exit that relationship.

10. They can be very lazy

There are some Jamaican men who are very lazy. They will find nothing wrong with staying at home and depending on you to support them. It seems nowadays, a lot of men are like this. They will give you excuses for not being able to find a job and a whole lot of bull crap.

If you do not want to be in a situation like this, ensure you find out all you can before you enter into a relationship with him.

11. Some Jamaican men are miserable

They find everything to argue about. In this case, there are women who have not gotten the “ahem” for some time now. In light of this, my advice for you is if you are dating a Jamaican man or you are thinking of dating one, find out his job history before committing.


Now, you know about dating a Jamaican man. They love their stomachs, they are wonderful cooks, they are providers, big on family and they are generally happy beings. I made sure to outline the positives and the negatives, hope you enjoyed reading.

If you find a good one, make sure you are a good friend to him so he can put a ring on your finger. Do not try to rush a Jamaican man or any man in general. If he wants you, then it is you he wants and he will let you know when the time is right.

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