The Perfect Tonic Mist for Your Ethnic Skin

Want tonic mist advice? Keep reading to find the best products for your skin. Most products are chemical free and allergen free and are for all skin types.

The Perfect Tonic Mist for Your Ethnic Skin; Natural aloe green toner
Use specific tonic mists for your skin type. We have different skin types so they shouldn't be treated the same.
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The perfect tonic mist for your ethnic skin may not be what you’re currently using. Why do people use tonic mist sprays? They are excellent for refreshing the skin for starters.  

The benefits of using a tonic mist

Want to talk about frustrating? No, we want to talk about solutions! So, what’s the perfect tonic mist for your ethnic skin? Let’s find out what benefits there are first.

  1. Sets your makeup so you look radiant, perky and alert all day after sitting in a stuffy or too cold office for 8-10 hours
  2. Helps to keep your skin hydrated, fighting damaged, dry skin
  3. Its moisturizing qualities repels dryness in winter months
  4. For those who have oily skin, it balances out oil production
  5. It doesn’t clog your pores

What kind of tonic mist should you use? 

Taking time out to thoroughly cleanse your skin in the mornings can be time-consuming, especially if you are on BPT, [I’m always late]. As part of a holistic lifestyle, use an organic tonic mist known for it’s sensational therapeutic and hydration qualities.

Want the name of a top herbal tonic mist? Of course, you do! MakeupAlley recommends Earth Science Tonic Mist and it works for all skin types, helping to rejuvenate the face and the body. Almost 100% of the users give it four stars.

It provides you and your skin with a pick-me-up unlike any tonic mist for other beauty products for the black skin you have in your cosmetic bag.

Yes, it is a must-have in times of harsh weather and long days (or a long night or flight). Keep reading to find the perfect tonic mist for your ethnic skin type.

A Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist Spray is a quick, easy and beneficial protection you must add to the ethnic skin care regimen. The refreshing aroma is just perfect for arousing the senses, particularly when I’m feeling blue or frustrated.

The makers at Valley Green Naturals Replenishing Perfection Skin Brightening Toner chose ingredients for a tonic mist that make me look morning fresh at all times (I feel like a million dollars).

Tonic mists are different from plain water, which can dry your skin. Surprised? I was, too! Most tonic mists are made with specific hydrating ingredients all skin types can use. One misconception about hydrating tonic mist for black skin is people with oily skin don’t need hydration.

This is not true. As a matter of fact, oily skin is an indication you need to hydrate.

With this in mind, be careful when picking a brand though. You see, not all manufacturers use the same ingredients to make their versions of the product, therefore, the effects are not the same either.

Keep reading to learn the profits off adding the perfect tonic mist for your ethnic skin.

Minimize Pores

Do you know how to clean your ethnic skin? I mean, really cleanse your skin, ’cause you might not be doing it correctly. I’ve learned a few things over the years and one of those things was how to effectively clean my face.

Although I thought I was cleaning my skin when I was younger, I clearly wasn’t. My acne wouldn’t go away it didn’t matter what chemical peels for the black skin I tried, it seemed as though I was going to always have problem skin.

Large facial pores can be discouraging for the person who has it. However, we suggest you keep reading to find out what you can do to diminish sizable pores.

Exfoliate twice a week. Dust, dirt and dead skin cells can clog skin pores and cause breakouts. Burt’s Bees Brightening Refining Tonic is excellent for even Asian women who have combination skin. It’s a smart addition to your skincare line to help diminish the appearance of acne scars.

Steam your face weekly. Steaming your face with green tea can open your pores and remove the debris from your pores in a tremendous way.

Wise Asian women suggest applying a natural facial mask right after steaming while your pores are open as the ingredients are carefully chosen to get deep down.

Which tonic mist is right for me? 

Hydrates and Refreshes – As a refreshing hydrating tonic, SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner helps to condition the skin, leaving it supple and irresistible to touch.

Before you use the Shea Oil Mist or toning lotion, clean your skin with Shea’s Facial Wash and Scrub. Remove all impurities without disturbing the African-American’s skin natural pH balance. My family uses SheaMoisture products and we’re extremely happy with the results.

Fights Acne – Get a dose of healing with Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. When it comes to adult skin, one would think acne to be the thing of the past, however, that’s not always the case.

Thayers acts as an astringent, purifying your bronze skin by removing grime and pollutants along with acne-causing bacteria.

pH balance – Potential hydrogen (pH) is a number, which measures how acidic or alkaline a particular liquid is. The acidic layer is what helps the skin hold moisture and keeps foreign matter away.

Soap contains too much alkaline and they tend to break up the acid in your skin and causes your skin to dry out.

Few women of color use or have tried Derma-E Purifying Toner Mist. It is truly effective on dry skin – it keeps the skin moist and glowing. Normally, any number above seven is alkaline and what’s below seven is acid. Water has a pH level of seven. The skin has a level of around 5.5.

Having said this, do you see why you need organic makeup for black skin and a facial mist in your life? Eat a balanced diet, not a meal here and there, but rather ingest fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  

This will improve your vitamin intake and decrease a vitamin deficiency. A body properly nourished will glow from the inside. Not only eat the right way but flush the body with plenty of liquids.


The internal makings need water to live longer, look younger, feel better.  Without water, the body will start showing signs of aging and neglect. Trust me, drink the water.

Well, that’s my skin care advice for today. Use a tonic mist when you want to revive your ethnic skin. My, my… look at the time; It’s 11ahleven. Smh, I’m late as usual. Check-out time is at 11, it’s time to go. 😛 

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