Travel tips for single women are really not that complicated. Most of us women live for the weekends, vacations and holidays anyway and are prepared for those road trips. Don’t you love them? They bring family and friends together, but they can be stressful.

Sometimes, having the family along makes us think about taking a singles cruise, and that’s okay! Getting ready for a week-long trip, there’s so much to do and in so little time. Not to mention, the money you spend and the drama of having the family together at once.

However, I’m glad you didn’t put off the best vacations for singles idea, okay. I have some helpful travel tips for single women and ideas for women vacations you can use. Yep, took them straight from the experts in hopes it will make your holidays worth remembering.

12 Travel Tips for Single Women

1. Get a jump-start

One of the keys to a successful single women’s vacation or solo travel holiday is starting early. Get geared up by going to bed early and getting plenty of rest and even exercise. If possible, work later to complete any tasks expiring before your return.

Not only make a list to prioritize your duties, cross off urgent matters. Leave the rest to do once you return.

2. Single female travel light!

Those who travel solo often know return trips home weigh much heavier, so pack only what you need. Having a bag you carry means you can adapt to adventure travel changes, especially when you are flying. It also means, there’s less chance of your luggage getting lost.

3. Arrive ahead of time

If you are driving out to the airport, leave at least one hour before the suggested time. In other words, if you must be at the airport two hours before departure time, add another hour so that you will allow for rush hour traffic or unexpected detours.

4. Leave wireless devices at home

The best vacations for single women is about getting away from stressful situations so don’t bring them with you. Remember the good old days when the cell phone was not a necessity? This could be a good time to revisit those days as well.

It may feel weird at first, but you may come to love the feeling. However, if you can’t leave it behind, at least screen your calls. Send calls to your voicemail when you can.

5. Keep calm and relax!

Travel tips for single women come in all forms, but the best one I know is to let your hair down, girl! Do something you’ve never done before.  Enjoy ahead and enjoy one of the best solo vacations this year.

Adventure women vacations can be exciting and scary events, so make every attempt to remain cool, calm and collected. Plan out your day before leaving the hotel room and consider making a Plan B if you just can’t make that railcar ride in the sky.  I understand!

6. Take it nice and slow

It can be overwhelming, trying to cram too many attractions and activities into one day. Create the Black Women Vacation Itinerary (or put your own ethnic twist to it) that will allow you to take part in activities for a couple a day to avoid burn-out.

By doing this, you put less stress on yourself and decrease your chances of suffering from disappointment and ruining one of the best solo vacations ever. Although you’re vacationing, sleep is still an important aspect of your enjoyment.

7. Single women travel during the off-season

Check with your favorite singles dating site for travel tips for single women, information on fun ideas and vacation packages. If you book during the offseason, it will allow everyone to plan for the trip. More importantly, take advantage of huge savings this way.

In addition, many travel companies offer convenient ways to secure solo trips for females such as making a down payment coupled with a few scheduled monthly payments.

8. Unrealistic expectations

Setting your sights too high can cause disappointment. Putting the pressure on yourself and others to have the “perfect” vacation is emotionally unfair.

Again, always pack a Plan B. Anticipating what could go wrong will help to ensure your holiday goes smoothly and that these travel tips for single women work.

9. It’s okay to say no

If you travel with a group of Costa Rica women vacations legends, there’s a great possibility not everyone will agree and that’s fine! If an attraction or event isn’t pleasing to you, and you would rather stay behind, it’s perfectly okay to do so. Relax!

10. Solo female travel and the “norm”

There’s nothing like a singles vacation or holiday break to get you off schedule.  Some place close to home could be one of the best places to travel alone. However, when you’re gone, try to stick with a routine similar to the one you have at home.

If you exercise before going to bed at home, there’s no reason why women traveling alone shouldn’t continue working out while you’re away from home. Uniquely, women are creatures of habit and keeping to a normal routine will provide a balance of things.

11. Use a camera

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be using your cell phone, and to make up for it, bring a camcorder or a camera. Get up close and personal with your memories. Use an online source such as Shutterfly to create a photo album in light of the hilarious snapshots you took.

In addition, you can upload, develop and print pictures using your phone. In many instances, their offers are exceptional so don’t be shy about sharing your email with them. Shutterfly will store your pictures online and will mail them directly to your doorstep.

12. Having fun yet?

That’s all of the travel tips for women for this blog.  Well, there’s always next year with the girls when I’ll have more to discuss.  We’re planning to go to a wedding in September 2018. There will be one less for the single’s cruise, but oh well, it’s been fun.

Remember, the best vacations for single women happen over the holidays when family and friends get together.  When we can’t get together for a break, I love to travel at Christmas time when no one should be alone.

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