Where do you go to get cute outfit ideas for the woman who goes from work-to-play? Pinterest!  I love that website. Don’t you? It’s undeniable, women have a constant desire to shop for a new outfit.

We want to look stylish and fashionable all the time. At home, at work, day out or a night out; be it any place or occasion, we can’t escape the inner fashionista within us.

Women love maintaining a separate wardrobe for every single moment in their lives, from a casual day out to office formals, to office casuals to party formals, to home wear to sleepwear to sexy outfits.

You question how can women save space, time, energy, money and the strain to go through the tedious process of deciding what to wear every time?

We thought to share a few ideas or wardrobe hacks so you can transform your style from a day-to-night outfit or work-to-night out outfits with just a twirl of your styling wand! Check out these cute outfit ideas for the woman who goes from work-to-play.

Day-to-Night Outfits

We will talk about certain basic pieces which are easy to transform from day-to-night outfits and fuss-free; if you want to save your time and money, try these cute outfit ideas!

9Off Shoulder Top

This trend is becoming a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and it’s among one of my favorite cute outfits for spring! Denim can be worn at work and at play, sometimes, off the shoulder.

It can be your go-to outfit for any time or occasion. Sexy, flirty and feminine, no matter whatever look a woman wants to achieve, off shoulder tops can pull it off!

For daytime: Top worn off the shoulder make the perfect choice for casual day-to-night outfits. They can be paired with other denim, dress pants, skirts, or shorts.

For a night out: Converting the same off shoulder top to a night outfit, you don’t have to do much work. Just put on your heels, put on work-to-night makeup and you are ready to dance all night!

8Velvety Cute Outfit Ideas  

Velvet is back and is as stylish as ever before! Back in the ‘90s, velvet was considered appropriate for formal occasions only, but now all the doors have opened to velvet; formal or casual, it just doesn’t matter!

For daytime: Mostly when velvet is spotted as a street casual, either it is a cami top or an off-shoulder velvet top paired with denim and heels. Velvet slip dresses are also gaining popularity as a cute outfit idea and street fashion trend.

For a night out: Transform a velvet top or slip dress look to a night out style by accessorizing with a layered metallic choker to add some night bling. You know pumps or heels are an essential to dress up any outfit idea.


How to wear stripes? We have the answer. Yes, the classic stripes are the rage right now! Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag; the style spectrum has really expanded. It’s essential you add it to your closet, in case you haven’t!Color Block Striped Charming Plus Size T Shirts/Affiliate

For daytime: Needless to say, the best way to wear stripes is with denim and khaki. They are easy to style or to mix and match, however, they are frequently worn as a daytime casual, particularly while wearing jeans. To get a better idea, “YouTube” how to wear stripes.

For a night out: Deciding to wear stripes with floral’s is a momentous step for a woman stepping out for the night.

6Shift Dresses

Shift dresses or commonly known as a chemise or smock dress are quite easy to wear from day to night. The style is among the many cute outfit ideas that are flirty, playful or sexy. They don’t require too much effort to transform into a night out look.

For the daytime: Shift dresses are worn with strappy flats, ankle straps, pointed toe high heels or sneakers.

For a night out: Pair with thigh high boots, metallic pumps or lots of straps with medium heels and carry on.

5Denim is for Every Occasion!

This, hands down is by far the most versatile piece of clothing and is pretty omnipresent. Day or night, you can transform denim for any time or occasion.

For daytime: During the daytime, denim is mostly worn with t-shirts, button-down shirts or printed tops. Sneakers, sandals or flats are the footwear of choice on a casual day out.

Mid Waisted Skinny Plus Size Distressed Jeans - Light Blue 5xl Polyester Zipper FlyFor a night out: To convert this style into a night out look, change the top to a dark-colored sequin top or an off-shoulder sequin shirt. Finish the look with a pair of sturdy pumps or ankle strap heels and a statement clutch.

Work-to-Night Out Outfits

Unlike day casuals, work wear is restricted as it is in an office setting. But some simple tricks can change your work gear into an outfit fit for the nightlife. For a sharp and crisp style, heels are a mandatory part of these cute outfit ideas.


Skinny legs pants are a great addition to the wardrobe, but you must wear the right heels or boots.

One of the most basic and important parts of this cute outfit idea is the trousers. Experiment to find the pair that works best for your body shape and height – wide-legged trousers, pencil trousers, or straight trousers.

For work: Trousers paired with a button-down shirt or dress tops and jacket is quite a common style and we all can rock that!

For a night out: Interesting part is how to convert this work-to-night outfit! It’s simple cute outfit ideas. You pair skinny leg trousers with the long sleeve, button down or with a low-back bodysuit.

Accessorize with a huge bag or wrist piece, drawing attention toward your glowing skin and supple hands. Opt for a sleeveless and shimmery backless top with a pencil or straight trousers. Cute outfit idea, huh?


Try on shirts to wear with palazzo pants. Maybe, you want to ditch the pants instead of the shirt. For work: Wear shirts that place the emphasis on your neckline.  Wear your collar down or up or mix it up with shirts to wear with bralettes – this will also compliment pencil skirts.

For a night out: Pair your long shirts to wear with leggings or a crisp, white stretch shirt to wear with denim or a solid colored semi-formal pant to wear with a sequin mini top. You can also layer the shirt with a velvet slip dress. Cute outfit ideas, right?

2Pencil Skirts Make Cute Outfit Ideas

Pencils skirts are absolutely flattering on any woman; they make a statement with a nice pair of legs, whether at work or as a work-to-night outfit.

For work: Black pencil skirts are paired with pumps, strap heels, and colorful, silk shirts or semi-formal tops.

For a night out: Amp up your style quotient by pairing your pencil skirt with satin or velvet cami top. You can also join a pencil skirt with a sheer crop top and watch all eyes gaze upon you!

1One Piece Formal Dress

The office formal is one place we shine, but it’s after the party that we really turn up.

The long one-piece dress is a kind of like power dressing. Influential, impressive and most appropriate to say the dress says, “I am a woman… a goddess to behold!”

For work-related functions: Style is simple, pair with low heels and accessorize with a belt, earrings, the right handbag and wrist candy, maybe.

For a night out: This style is easy to wear for a date night out. Just change your low heels to ones that are edgier, throw your lip gloss in a party clutch and you are ready to roll.

Let’s Zip it Up

As you can see keeping some basic styles in your wardrobe takes out the hassle of thinking and confusing yourself every time. Keep these cute outfit ideas for the woman who goes from work-to-play in mind and cut yourself some slack!


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