Fascinating Destinations and Tips for Women Travelers on a Budget

I love to travel, meet new and old friends. Being from a military town, I aspired to see the world! I've visited 32 states, including Vegas and Hawaii.

women travelers on a budget: India Amritsar Golden Temple
Discover our best women's only travel tour tips as well a few of the best travel sites and vacation deals

Fascinating destinations and tips for women travelers on a budget come as a result of my experiences an avid traveler but specifically, as a young woman visiting San Antonio, Texas, for the first time way back in 1983. (haha)

It was so hot there during the 4th of July weekend I thought I would just die from heat stroke. Trust and believe, the shower and I was best friends during my stay there.

The sun was awful to me and although Texas is a neighboring state of Mississippi, I was not prepared. Oh my goodness, even my hair was a mess.

A couple of my best tips for women who travel to the southern states are to bring the frizz control and an alternative but effective deodorant. Nonetheless, I managed to have a great time with some amazing friends. San Anton is a beautiful place.

Things, back then, were a lot cheaper. It was nothing for women travelers on a budget like me to get away for the moment, especially if I didn’t have to worry about hotel costs and had friends to stay with.

Nowadays, traveling is more expensive, but it can be done on a budget if you know when to take a particular journey. Traveling on a baller’s budget is all in the planning.

Making the decision to travel 

Whether you decide to go on a women’s only tour or with friends and family, you should start to do your research soon after selecting your travel destination.

Even with online availability, many still choose to use a travel service, however, you can make reservations and plan activities on your own. With a few travel savings tips, going to far away places can be affordable.

After picking your destination, you will then need to make a budget for activities, dining costs, hotel accommodations, and transportation in mind. And don’t forget to ask about any safety travel tips for women when you decide on a travel goal.

Tips for Women Travelers on a Budget

Women travel alone a lot and the one thing they take with them is their common sense. We know the basics – don’t take rides from strangers, don’t walk alone late nights and lock your doors and windows. Keep reading to find more helpful travel advice from a woman who knows.

1. Safety tips for women travelers

Before leaving, learn what you can about the area or country and brush up on their language to decrease your chances of miscommunication and being taken advantage of.

There are plenty of low cost or free websites for women travelers on a budget that will help you to speak another language. In addition, find out what behavior customs should be aware of as a woman of color traveling to another country.

2. Women vacations and dining costs

If you plan on seeing the main tourist attractions, start with them first. The best bookings are done offseason for women travelers on a budget to see places such as Disney World. Third-party sites allow you to book in advance, perhaps make a small deposit and pay along the way.

In addition, you can take advantage of discounts for women tours, bundles, and groups.

When it comes to fine dining or partaking in great food, booking in advance ensures you will have a seat at some of the infamous restaurants in that area. Personally, I would love to visit some of the restaurants I see in Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsay if they are not closed.

3. Travel and accommodations

If you are not planning on staying with relatives, women travelers on a budget should also research the best hotels. Making reservations up to six months in advance is smart.

You can save money this way, but most of all, you can rest assured you will also have a place to sleep and shower while visiting. The typical overnight stay ranges from $89 to $139 per night, depending on location and travel dates.

If you are traveling with a small group of women, it may be in your best interest to get a suite rather than separate rooms. It goes without saying rates go up on the weekends and during holidays. Nevertheless, go online and do the comparisons.

You may find travel discounts or coupons. Another tip for women travelers on a budget is to book hotels that offer continental breakfasts or are offering discount travel packages for women.

Also, check with your employer to see if they have any special deals or corporate accounts you could use.

4. Transportation

Probably your biggest expense as a woman traveling alone will be travel. How you arrive at your destination is a significant portion of your budget. Once you decide on a particular place, search for the lowest fares and best times to fly or ride.

I love a train ride. It’s one inexpensive and comfortable way to get to where you’re going if you have the time. To me, it’s like getting two vacations in one.

You can choose to have a cabin so you can relax and take a nap or two before reaching your final destination or on the return trip home. Besides that, women travelers on a budget can see more of the countryside by being a passenger on the Amtrak.

Whether you decide to fly or ride, find out if the hotel has any bundle packages for car rental, hotels, and attractions. This could also save you and the other women a ton of money.

Having a car while in a new place could be beneficial if you don’t want to use the underground railways, taxis or public transit. Car rental agencies often use promo codes to attract women travelers on a budget so take advantage of it!

Balling on a budget doesn’t require a lot of thinking or stress. All you need to do is plan ahead and book accordingly. I would suggest booking or plan your trip at least a year in advance.

This way, you have plenty time to save and to prepare. Acquiring online coupons and deals are worth the effort you’ll spend sitting in front of a PC.

The extra money I make goes into the women’s vacations fund. You can start one, too. Keep the money in the bank or in a shoe box. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these fascinating destinations travel ideas and tips.

Paris, London, and Rome less than $3000

What I’ve learned is that London is more affordable than I thought it would be. A trip to London would cost approximately $3,000.00. Some plans are all-inclusive. Flight-seeing is quite an unusual way to see the town as well as rafting.

As adventures go, this would be exciting vaca for women travelers on a budget. Locate a reputable travel agent and book your flight plans, saving you stress and hold times. One call to a travel agency and that’s all. Travel to the north or to the south side… the decision is yours.

Grand Tour of South America less than $4,000

For you gutsy women travelers on a budget, this is 14 days of pure excitement as you travel across Rio de Janeiro and the historical city of Buenos Aires. The couple are excellent choices to begin your South American tour of the Incas including the famed Machu Picchu.

India: Delhi and Jaipur under $1,500

What’s on my Bucket List is India and this trip my friend is definitely less than what I thought… I can travel to India for as low as $1,500.00! Unbelievable, isn’t it? So I don’t have any more excuses as this trip I can put on my credit card.

In 11 days you’ll experience some of India’s most beguiling regions. Take in the highlights of the city by visiting the Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle’s wildlife and accent architecture.

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