You know the right professional look for South Asian women matters for Pakistani women and Asian women at work, right? It is important for working women of color to portray their inner strength and professionalism, and the right dress code does wonders in making the task easy.

Here we have a guide for South Asian women to keep in mind the next time they need to show others who’s boss!

1Professional Attire Guide

The right professional look will take you further in your career than inappropriately dressing. More than half of working women in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh spend about half of their salary in order to buy designer brands for a professional look.

Several brands have started their own work apparel lines to help women choose the right professional look for South Asian women. But it is difficult to do if you don’t know the “look” you’re going for.

The statement needs to be understood no matter what the dress is, or which brand it’s from and if it is not “proper,” it’s a failure. Some India women and Bangladesh women go for a clean and well-fitted dress, with these points in mind:

  • Make sure your dress is properly ironed and not disheveled
  • Avoid wearing clothes that expose any part of your body. Why? No one will focus on what you’re saying and you would end up being a “décor piece” rather than a professional
  • If wearing a shirt with buttons, make sure that none of them are gaping open. Be fit, smart, organized and confident
  • When buying clothes, make sure to test them out. They rarely fit perfectly and may need alterations in size to give you the perfect look

2Straight DON’TS!

There are some things you don’t wear to work no matter how cool they are. “When in Rome, Do as Romans do.” You heard that right, South Asian girls. Examine your work environment when you decide to dress up.

Government offices in the South Asian countries ask for a more conservative look as compared to private companies. Low-cut tops and tight jeans, however, are not acceptable anywhere.

There is the never-ending dilemma of being comfortable and professional, and hot. The temperatures in cities vary, but the areas on an average are extremely hot and usually damp.

The last thing you want is to be completely uncomfortable and hot while working. So avoid being over-dressed or wrongly dressed for the seasons.

Silky clothes, unless they’re small tops, you decide to pair with a long skirt or bell-shaped trousers, are better left out of the office wear stock.

3The Eastern Dress Code

So now we come to the eastern dress code and what is in or out.

  • Long length shirts with Capri pants
  • Normal length Asian and Pakistani Shalwar Kameez designs with cigarette pants
  • Small tops with professional long skirts
  • Long tops made with cotton, chiffon, and linen with jeans
  • Kurtis is a summer favorite among Bengali, Indian and Pakistani women

These are all in!

A small tip for the Pakistani girls is to get your trousers, hijabs, and dupattas in a few basic colors and pair them up with different shirts. It is not only the ideal way but also quite reasonable. Mix and match all you want!

4Walking Through the Asian Color Codes

The color guide is used by many South Asian women to coordinate matching outfits. Here’s a little secret. There are a few colors that actually look quite professional at work.

Monochrome, while being a “forever” choice to go to, is also quite overused by some women of color at work. So we have here the colors that are a must try for your next meeting.

Remember subtle and cool hues at work (considering the warm weather) can not only keep you in comfort and provide you with relaxation but also change the power game.

Avoid colors too bright (unless your work requires it), and make sure the colors tune in with the seasons and weather.

Brighter toned subtle colors look beautiful in the winter (custard, strawberry, Cerulean/aquamarine) and all color except dark, plus the monochromatic look can do wonders in the summers.

We all have our favorite colors that define us and make us feel confident, so bring all those colors into your wardrobe, but make sure that they are toned down a bit for a professional look for South Asian women.

5Hair and Makeup

The face of a professional woman of color presents to the world changes considerably using makeup. Not only is proper make-up a matter of a female’s appearance, but it also boosts her energy and confidence, inspiring positive responses as a result of her interaction with others.

There is a whole lot of difference between party makeup and a professional look for South Asian women. The best makeup look for professional Pakistani women is the nude or ‘no-makeup’ look.

The professional look for South Asian women makeup should be subtle and natural looking, but still there. Highlight your best features subtly at work. Keep the following tips and tricks for makeup in mind:

  • If wearing eyeliner, choose a pencil over a liquid in order to soften look
  • Go easy while filling in the eyebrows. Do not make them too dark or too bold
  • Try a light application shadow. Preferably something closer to your Asian skin tone
  • Apply one coat of mascara instead of three
  • Put on a quick swipe of blusher or bronzer, not too much
  • Use a “quiet” layer of lipstick or a low-shine gloss.
  • Absolutely AVOID red, neon pink, or sparkles on the lips.
  • Go for lighter shades of brown, nudes, grays or pink.

6Wear Your Confidence with Pride

Confidence shows on the outside. We as women of color should put it on first and wear it well! Last but not the least, confident South Asian women can do wonders at work. While using all the tips above, remember we each have choices and levels of comfort.

By matching our choices with the dress codes and feel of the office environment, it can be very easy to stand out with the right professional look for South Asian women.

7How You See Yourself

A confident way of holding and projecting oneself can make others want to listen to and ask for your opinions on serious matters. Do not let anyone play you down. Try these professional look for South Asian women tips for women of color and realign your wardrobe with them.

While you are definitely more than what you wear, the way you carry yourself and the look that you portray play an important role in how others perceive you.

Be confident, be proper and feel good about yourself, South Asian girl. You matter each bit in the work that you do, and you should know that. 


Women’s Guide on What to Wear in Southeast Asia