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Some of the worst foods for women are the foods we love.  Why does it have to be this way?!!! It’s a shame but sometimes we don’t even know it’s the food we eat that’s breaking us out.

Skincare is a really tricky and complex subject for women of color. We strive every day to maintain our skin with a skincare regime. Remember our mothers telling us how to care for our skin all the time?

She taught us to apply tomato paste for flawless skin, use tea bags for dark circles, apply sunscreen, but especially, do not eat fried food!

There is a whole list of dos and don’ts for skincare and our mothers know them all. Well speaking of don’ts, do you know certain types of food can ruin your skin? What you eat, can change and re-define your skin.

A variety of foods can cause inflammation, breakouts, rashes, scars and whole bundle of problems for women of color. We think you should know the worst foods for your skin; because we care about it as much as you do!

The worst foods for women and their skin 

These are the top worst foods for women and our skin. Keeping your body healthy should be a lifestyle and not just an irregular concern.

Packaged and processed foods

Several packaged ready-to-eat and processed foods like chips are a mandatory part of our shopping lists. Somehow it finds a way to the stomach during the munching hours. Prepackaged foods are deprived of nutrients due to processing and are high in fat content.

A diet that is nutrient deficient can affect the skin making it pale and dull. With several preservatives, artificial sweeteners and high-fat content they can cause breakouts and acne. Next time, think twice before loading the refrigerator with these foods.

High glycemic index foods

What is a glycemic index? It is a number that will indicate how fast food will cause a rise in blood glucose level, higher the number higher is the glycemic index. High glycemic index foods include refined sugars and refined carbohydrates like pasta, white bread, white rice, refined white flour, etc.

They can cause acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. In short, high glycemic index foods are the worst foods for women. Women of color over 40 should be aware of this!

Sugary foods

We love eating sweets, candies, jams and ice creams, don’t we all? But this is another enemy which not only harms the body and increases weight but also affects the skin adversely.

These are high glycemic index foods, and they are some of the worst foods for women. They break down fast into simple sugar, which causes a spike in insulin levels. 

This, in turn, causes inflammation; which breaks down skin collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles even in women of color. Sugars also cause acne and pigmentation. Doesn’t that give enough reason to control sugar content in your diet?


Too much salt in the diet not only causes high blood pressure problems but also leads to water retention in the body which makes the skin swollen and puffy. High blood pressure can break down skin collagen causing wrinkles.

According to American Heart Association, sodium intake should not exceed over 1500 mg per day. So keep your salt intake in control!

Some of the worst foods for women are dairy foods

Consuming milk and dairy products like cheese, yogurt is ingrained in our lifestyle as a part of a healthy eating habit or a balanced diet. It rarely crosses our mind that milk can create some skin problems for some women of color.

Due to the presence of hormones or factors that influence endogenous hormones, dairy products can cause inflammation and acne. Well, there are studies to support this point.

According to Livestrong.com, even cows are fed with hormones at farms which lead to high hormone levels in milk and dairy products. Practicing moderation in consumption and opting for hormone-free dairy products can help to some extent.

Fried foods

Walking through streets we often come across food trucks and vendors, who make drool-worthy fried food. What are the worst foods for women?

Fried chicken, French fries, burgers with a piece of fried pork patty; even the thought makes our mouth water. More the oil, tastier the food is and also more the oil, unhealthier the food is!

The oil used for deep-frying on streets contains trans-fats which can harm the heart and deposit in the arteries, thus affecting the blood circulation, which can deprive the woman of color her skin’s healthy glow.

They also cause inflammation and interfere with nutrient absorption, leading to acne. Fried foods, in general, aggravate acne problems. Are you still thinking about fried food?


A lot of us just can’t function without a dose of caffeine! While having a cup of coffee in a day does not give rise to skin problems, given our stressful lives we always dive in a coffee ocean sipping cups after cups.

Coffee contains tannins that block skin pores and prevent nutrient absorption. Caffeine in coffee causes dehydration leaving the skin dry and deprived of natural glow.

Today several skincare products contain coffee due to skin benefits, it is important to know ingesting too much coffee can have its own effects.


How can we not talk about this! While you can indulge in alcohol heaven once in a while to release your stress; it’s one of the worst foods for women! The constant urge and addiction to drinking can have its repercussions.

The liver is the most affected organ by alcohol [you know that]. A damaged liver will not only affect longevity but also show its effects on the skin. The liver is responsible for the removal of toxins from the body.

An impaired liver function will cause accumulation of toxins leading to dull skin and breakouts. Alcohol also causes inflammation, skin redness and dehydration. Need we say more?  Caution: alcohol is injurious to your health!

Red meat is among the worst foods for women 

You love eating red meat loaded with fat but you know it can affect the skin over a period of time. Red meat can increase testosterone levels in the body which can clog skin pores leading to breakouts or acne.

It can also lead to other health problems like heart diseases and other chronic degenerative diseases. Oh, red meat is another food not good for women. Why does it have to be like this? I love beef enchiladas! 


Making the right food choices are a part of a lifestyle that will ensure a healthy and beautiful you! Like they say “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food!”

While sugar may be one of the worst foods for women, it may not be specific for you.  We’re all different so find out what works for you and share your remedies with us. 

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