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Crop tops and curvy girls are a match whether some people believe it or not. Being an overweight Asian girl, I should be wearing crop tops and joggers, but I’m not. (LOL) 

Being Overweight Shouldn’t Limit Style Choices

My body is so that every time I gain weight, it all goes to my belly. I know some of you can relate to this.

Sadly, we don’t have a choice where the weight goes, but if I did, I’d want the roundest, most perfect derriere and vivacious breast a girl could have. However, that’s not how it goes, so I digress with my crop tops and curvy girl mindset. 

Crop tops and curvy girls wear confidence 

Be confident in what you wear as this affects trendy plus size and curvy fashions for women. If you are looking for encouragement to wear a crop top, then this is your stamp of approval, your boost of confidence, that fire!

Don’t listen to magazine ads perceiving crop tops and curvy girls should come out in public. Forget those people who tell you that you shouldn’t wear them. Who made anyone the fashion police? If it’s a crime to wear crop tops and shorts, then lock me up!

We shapely girls can totally rock short tops even if we don’t have flat stomachs. I am a proud, provocative curvy girl and I’m my own boss.

Mix and match crop tops and curvy girls

The key to wearing a crop top with grace while being a curvy girl is simply loving your body. Since most clothing designers do not cater to plus sizes, you may have to think outside the normal shops for buying apparel.

Nonetheless, there are various styles and different ways to wear crop tops and curvy girls styles so you’re comfortable.  So when you see that skinny girl staring at you, maybe she’s wondering ‘how did you do it, ’cause you put that outfit together, girl.’

You think back… “Yeah, I did that, didn’t I?” (Haha! You go big girl.)

When you find the right match, it makes you feel proud of how fashionable you can be. What are you waiting for? Let’s find plus size crop tops right for your body shape.

Showing?a little skin isn’t always about being provocative, it’s about being comfortable in your clothing, having a sense of fashion and staying cool in 100-degree weather.

Seriously, the whole idea of crop tops and curvy girls is about freedom and having control over your own life. Why should only skinny girls in crop tops and short shorts have all the fun?

After all, it’s just your opinion and everybody has one but sometimes their opinions don’t have jack to do with me.

Anyway, guess what? Crop tops and curvy girls look good in any size and because of this, the trend has become popular with increasing numbers and why not? It complements women of all shapes and sizes. In light of this, you have options, options, and more options.

You can stick with your favorite neckline or if you a prefer to sport a long sleeve crop top or to go sleeveless, pair it with your favorite skirts, ragged jeans, or even your best Spanx.

Which crop top to wear and how to wear it

If there’s a garment you thought wouldn’t look good on you or have something you’ve always wanted to wear, but were hesitant because of insecurities, take another look at it. If you really want to slay that crop top, here are some tips I will share with you.

Tips for wearing that crop top!

  • First, decide to partner it with a short or mid-length skirt or crop tops and high-waisted jeans.  When you put it on, don’t go sucking in your stomach, own it. Some women make the mistake of sucking their tummies in so it will look flattering, but imagine holding your breath underwater all day. Who wants to feel as if you are always gasping for air? Not me, I don’t have time for that!
  • Secondly, there are different lengths of crop tops and skirts, some are not as short as the others so choose crop tops and curvy girls styles appropriately. Wear the top so that it stops right at your waistline and pair with a daring body-con skirt that comes just below the knees.
  • Third, stop tugging at your shirt! This shows a lack of certainty. It’s your time to do you and although you may feel a little uneasy, you’ll get more positive reviews than you think, only you must be secure about wearing it and receiving the compliments.
  • Fourth, buy according to your body shape and you won’t have so many fashion mistakes hanging in your closet. Additionally, adding a piece to contrast the total look will make you look slimmer.
  • Fifth is for the not-so-tall women of color. Choose a top that gives you a lift at the hem if you want to appear taller. The right top coupled with a pair of high heels will lift your spirits.
  • Sixth, if you’re narrow above the waist and wide at the hips, you should wear light colors. A white lace crop top is the go-to top when attempting to minimize the midsection and hips as well as wearing a light blazer.
  • Seventh, on the other hand, suppose your upper body is wider than below the belly button, you could try a halter crop top to draw the eyes away from the waistline. With the halter top, slip on a skirt that adds volume to the bottom half of your body.
  • Lastly, check your posture. Some people tend to slouch, perhaps feeling the embarrassment of wearing a new style in public for the first time. When we reluctantly expose parts of our body, we tend to droop our posture and this shows a lack of self-confidence. Sometimes I am guilty of this, unfortunately. So let’s remember to pick our chins up, put our chests out and strut our cute crop top.

What you wear should make you feel sexy and alive. But at the same time, you should not restrict yourself because you’re in a bigger body. Plus-size women of color are daring and look amazing in a black lace crop top, but the undergarments are equally as important.

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Take off the restrictions

Model Ashley Graham takes style and class beyond a size 2. Go ahead and get funky with your plus size intimate apparel and wear what empowers you, darling. Don’t ever think that if you wear plus size crop tops and leggings you are breaking the rules.

By the way, why are there rules for crop tops and curvy girls and who made them? I don’t remember voting on this bill, do you? So the real question is, is this rule valid? I think not, but at the same time, the real crime is when you place weight limits your own fashion style.

When it comes to coordinating outfits, don’t hold back just because it exposes parts of you that others want you to conceal. After all, it’s your body and besides, you can’t hide all them curves anyway, so embrace what you got.

Have fun, be bold and don’t let the haters put you down because you’re shapely… you are beautiful just the way you are.

Last crop of advice

I hope these words encourage you to wear that forgotten crochet crop top or at least something out the ordinary. Try something that makes you stand out and shows who you really are inside. You’ll be surprised at how the right clothes make you feel.

So I invite you to put on that plus size crop top and curvy girls, put one foot in front of the other and walk the catwalk like you built it.

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