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How to handle running into your ex? Do you know how? Have you ever found yourself wishing for instructions on how to run into your ex and get away with it? I mean, not with a car or anything like that, but bump into him or her at the store after a breakup. Breakups are hard to get over.

You spend a lot of time alone listening to breakup songs and thinking about how to handle running into your ex. You wonder what’s going to happen when you see them for the first time and you constantly run over what went wrong. 

Was it something that you did or was the relationship or situation really that bad? All of these questions run through your brain repeatedly, but you don’t have a clue, let alone the answer.

Getting over broken hearts are hard. The relationship is over, so why can’t you move on? The memories are in everything you touch, you see and you smell. The very thought of running into your ex again is troubling, I know.

However, it’s a real possibility, especially if you share the same friends, place of employment or city, and you should prepare for it by reading these tips for running into your ex.

Breakups to Makeup

You can change the color of your hair and wear big, floppy hats attempting to camouflage yourself, but you can’t hide all of your life. You can’t isolate yourself because you are afraid of running into your ex.

One day, you will have to face running into your ex, someone you once had a relationship with and that’s all to it.

You may imagine seeing your ex and hugging them like a long lost friend. On the other hand, you may just want to run and hide behind the waiter… with a baseball bat, but don’t do that either. You’ll mess around and catch a case that way.

Besides, that’s not recovering or living. You should forgive both him and yourself for the mistakes that were made as no one is perfect, no matter how much we love them.

At the same time, if you show any signs of weakness, they will know how much power they have over you. And if you are coming out of a manipulative relationship, you’re allowing the other person to enter a zone they should not – back in your heart.

Breakups and depression

What happens when you break up in a small town? The chances of you running into your ex are high. So, before you run into each other, play the scenario in your mind and give it different results.

You should not have to pretend you’re a happy person, but in case you do, make it seem as though you’re in a good place without him. When you do see your ex, take a deep breath (or a couple) and replay the scene with the best possible, classy ending.

Smile, knowing that you have come this far without him. You may miss each other and that’s certainly natural, however, it doesn’t mean that you have to take him back. (Stay strong!)

Remember why you are ex-lovers and how far you have come on the journey. Look forward to your future without the stress and drama that comes with being with this guy or with this girl. Embrace the feeling of knowing that you are in control.

Breakups and getting back together

Your ex is nothing to be afraid of. Well, then again, he may have been violent and in that case, yes… do avoid your abusive ex, but otherwise, handle your business.

When you finally see your ex and there’s a break in the conversation, let ’em know how happy you are for them with sincerity or do the total opposite and check your text messages or email as if you’re not giving a you-know-what.

You can give them the impression that you’ve gone mad by plucking out your hair and mumbling out phrases that just doesn’t make any sense and ask them to come back, but before they can respond, laugh your butt off loudly.

When you keep running into your ex with your boyfriend, how do you respond? Keep your composure and say hello… ask how are they doing, but nothing beyond that and keep it moving.

On another note, don’t mention your current relationship status. It’s not cool and it’s really none of their business who you are seeing at this point and what’s the point of trying to make them jealous?

Whatever you do, you must not ever let the other person think that there is a chance of you two getting back together when there isn’t one.

Running into your ex when kids are involved

Don’t stop doing the things you guys did together to avoid running into your ex. If you all enjoyed taking in a movie at the cinema across town, then drive over and take advantage of the scenery. Do accept the same invite from mutual friends.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your friend’s reception and your ex because you want to avoid speaking to him. In many instances, exes become or remain friends. It makes you wonder how is this possible when you hated each other so much a few short months ago?

Often times when you take sex out of the relationship, you can see better. You must ask yourself if you guys friends in the beginning?

Did you actually know this person takes up too much time in the one bathroom you have, or that she never cooks before you decided to have a relationship with them or did you rush into it without any talks or goals?

Think about the celebrity breakups which only last a few years. Did they go through this madness and it’s one of the reasons they are breaking up now? And do they fear running into their ex since it’s a small circuit? Who knows but think seriously before reconciling with your ex.

How To Put On A Brave Face When Running Into Your Ex
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