famous women vegans including a smiling Angela Davis
Black vegan weight loss can be challenging, however, the rewards are worth the effort. If you implement a program that is practical, you can expect extraordinary payoffs

The world is filled with vegans and in particular, famous women vegans. The word ‘vegan’ speaks about a person who prefers not to eat meat or foods that come from animals. With that said, what do vegans eat? In short, vegans eat plenty of vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes, nuts, and beans.

Being an ethical vegan means you live a distinct, healthy lifestyle. You should exclude foods such as eggs, margarine, and dairy products, however.

Burgers without the beef are actually tasty. It’s difficult for many people to envision what would happen if meat eaters acted like vegans but becoming a vegan has its advantages, especially if weight loss is a priority.

Besides, there are variations of the hamburger or hot dog that may please the taste buds. What’s on the menu will surprise you and famous women vegans as having the fewest calories.

Having few calories means a lower BMI.  Additionally, there’s no particular exercise program required so it’s an excellent weight loss for lazy people.

What You Can Expect

Making this transformation, Black vegan weight loss can be challenging, however, the rewards are worth the effort. If you implement a program that is practical, you can expect extraordinary payoffs. It’s just that simple.

By eating fruits and veggies, the numbers in a blood pressure or cholesterol reading are likely to go way down.

When ample amounts of protein and carbohydrates are eaten, the vegan still gets all the nutrients that he or she needs to ward off chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Carbohydrates should make up to 65% of the daily calorie intake, however, no less than 45%. Studies show that almost 60% of vegetarians have a substantially lower risk of contracting heart disease than those who eat meat.

What’s more is their triglyceride levels were lower as well. A high count is what can cause heart complications.

Salad Pomegranate Melon Fruit Apple Zucchini
Now, this looks delicious! What’s it called? Melon Fruit Apple Zucchini and don’t forget it.

A Vegan Diet tends to be rich in fiber and that allows the digestive system to have a smooth operation. The recommended daily amount of fiber is 22 to 34 grams.

This shouldn’t be a problem to maintain as whole grains and beans are a large portion of the diet regime. Plenty of famous women vegans eat fiber loaded foods to stay slim and trim.

Don’t forget that some fat is necessary. The medical professionals advise taking in up to 30% of the suggested allowance of (healthy) fat. Avocados and nuts are excellent sources to get this good fat from.

What does “Going Vegan” mean? 

The Vegan Diet, if followed correctly, will provide black vegans and vegetarians and famous women vegans with enough potassium to meet suggested daily allowances or standards.

Eating one banana a day is not sufficient. Consume foods high in potassium to help prevent accompanying diseases. 

It’s truly difficult to eat too much potassium or even to consume the recommended daily amount of around 4,700 mg, however, the Vegan Diet will provide more than usual.

The Vegan diet also suggests other ways to consume calcium. You still need healthy bones but especially as you age. The recommendation is 1,000 to 1,300 mg of calcium per day. You can always drink soy milk or orange juice to substitute.

Soy milk is a little more expensive than regular vitamin D milk, however, several brands are known to be pleasant-tasting and the manufacturers offer a variety of flavors.

Vitamin B12 is crucial for cell metabolism. This is where soy milk comes in real handy. For favorable results, aim for consuming around 2.4 mg a day of soy products. If you’re not getting enough sun rays, you could be lacking in vitamin D and putting yourself at risk for bone fractures.

As a vegan, (and there are different types of vegans or veganism) you may want to consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet.

You may want to get a checkup with your primary care physician before going on a new meal plan.  In addition, you may want to check out black and famous women vegans on YouTube for recipe ideas to add nutrients to your meals.

Famous women vegans and vegetarians

You should know that black celebrity vegans also watch the salt shaker as the recommendation is that African-Americans who have high blood pressure, diabetes and over 50 should avoid salt or limit the intake.

The average person would be fine using a vegetarian’s handbook. Nevertheless, you should know what your personal limitations are and who’s who among the black celebrity vegan list.

There are a multitude of black vegans celebrities like –

6Dr. Amie Breeze Harper

She is famous for creating the Sistah Vegan Project and Harper is the editor of “Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health,” and Society and “Scars: A Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England.”

I think she earns the right to be listed among the most famous women vegans. 

5Actress Kimberly Elise

Elise owns her veganism with Kimberly Elise Natural Living, a website featuring healthy vegan recipes and beauty advice. You may know Kimberly from films such as Diary of A Mad Black Woman and For Colored Girls.

4Erykah Badu

The notorious singer/songwriter Erykah Badu is a loyal vegan and quite the animals rights activist. She’s also verbal about black vegans and food inequities surrounding people of color.

3Queen Afua

Afua is an author, holistic practitioner and founder of the Queen Afua Wellness Center which includes the Heal Thyself School, the Phenomenal Woman of Wellness School, and the Global City of Wellness Institute. Queen makes the list of famous women vegans. 

2Angela Davis

Writer, scholar, political prisoner and activist Dr. Angela Davis believes veganism is “a part of a revolutionary perspective.” Who can argue as it is apparent?

1Venus Williams

Thought to be one of the healthiest black women alive, Venus Williams has an autoimmune disorder causing her terrific pain and fatigue. To help win over this battle, she became a “raw food vegan” and also one of the famous women vegans.

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