Coffee for skincare; Gold and brown bars of soap along side coffee beans
The awesome benefits of coffee... in and out the body.

The beauty benefits of coffee for skincare are amazing! Allure’s 2013 survey on anti-aging reveals that 85% of African-American women believe they maintain a young looking appearance longer than Asians, Latinos, and Whites.

However, maintenance is an essential part of skincare and looking younger beyond your years. Have you tried a coffee face mask before?  Ahh, you really should treat yourself and someone you love.  I promise you’ll repeat the process.  

As we all know, the sun wreaks havoc on our skin and preventing the damages requires a little forethought and work. Have you given much thought to including coffee for skincare in your beauty treatments?

Surprising benefits of coffee for skincare

Happy International Coffee Day! (Everyday is coffee day.)

Yes, those of us who love coffee know the bad things about coffee. However, research reveals surprising information about the beverage and its coffee skincare advantages. The beauty experts say the benefits of coffee for skincare are tremendous and advise us to use more coffee.

Yay! I’m with that and I hope you are, too. Well, sources claim more benefits of caffeine (in our coffee), especially when applied to homemade remedies. We’ll be able to reduce puffy eyes plus brighten and reduce dark under-eye circles. The caffeine helps to increase circulation.

Coffee for skincare, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is also known to help temporarily reduce cellulite. Another point to remember is it provides skin smoothing exfoliation which is why we love it in coffee scrubs. 

Now, do you understand why we should include coffee as a part of our regular skin care maintenance? You can make a great DIY coffee scrub for acne or purchase one. Keep reading to find out who has the best products for our skin.

Amazing coffee for skincare and beauty finds 

1Osmia Organics Coffee Mint Bar Soap, $9.49

One of my all-time favorite bar soaps ever and a previous OBT Awards winner. I can’t get enough of the energizing spearmint and ground organic coffee. The Coffee Mint Bar Soap is combined with Shea butter and olive oil.

This organic bar soap makes for a cleansing experience with just the right amount of suds and smoothness that warms the senses.

2Fig + Yarrow Cardamom Coffee Body Scrub, $14.20

Stimulate the senses and smooth the skin with a delicious blend of organic coffee and cardamom. It’s mixed with cane sugar and castor oil along with cocoa, coconut and shea butter to firm, exfoliate and anti-oxidize. Yass!

3HURRAW! Coffee Bean Lip Balm, $5.66

Made with finely ground organic raw coffee beans added to fresh pressed Californian almond oil along with cold pressed coffee bean extract.  

Add to that, a touch of raw chocolate to give this organic lip balm a mild coffee-choco flavor.  Not only that but a buzz that goes on smooth with plenty of moisture. Just try not to lick it off!

4100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, $23.90 

This organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream goes on smooth and absorbs quickly into delicate under-eye skin.  The eye cream has a warm coffee scent to help you look more refreshed and awake.

It’s clinically proven to de-puff and brighten dark circles as well as reduce lines and wrinkles. Put it on tops of hands as well to keep skin smooth and even-toned.

Coffee for Skincare Conclusion

Which of these organic coffee beauty products have you talking? What are some of your coffee beauty favorites? Is it a coffee bean scrub? 

Share with us your story and how the benefits of caffeine changed your life. We and the rest of the 11ahleven coffee for skincare committee want to know.