7 Very Simple Ways to Heal a Broken Heart 

When it comes to the point where everything the other person does drives you crazy, it might be time to examine the relationship or you for that matter.

ways to heal a broken heart
The ways to heal a broken heart may not be easy, but you can do it.

Ways to heal a broken heart and simple don’t go together, still, relationships are fascinating, don’t you think?  Many relationships last a lifetime.  Others fail from the moment we lay eyes on the other person.

What makes us like someone or dislike someone is a personal issue and it could very well vary from person to person.  Sometimes, the very thing we like about someone turns out to be what drives us nuts. It’s crazy, right?

I know you expect me to say, let that person go, and you probably should until you can work it out, but I know letting go is easier said than done.  I really do.  And so is saying it’s simple ways to heal a broken heart.

And that’s one reason why it is so important to know who you’re dealing with before you commit your heart and soul into loving someone.

Healing a Broken Heart

How do you mend a broken heart?  To tell the truth, putting back together a broken heart is difficult, it can be a struggle!  We go through the healing process and broken hearts can take forever to heal. The loneliness, the emptiness, and confusion seem to consume us. 

We cry, we miss meals, and we dismiss our friends and family if we don’t talk their heads off about the same old subject.  If this is not enough, we sometimes exhibit other self-harming behaviors.  So, to avoid this, we sometimes go back to a bad situation to escape the heartache.

The reality is this: after a few days of withdrawals, your broken heart should feel better.  You should come to realize what you did was in your own best interest and you should feel proud of yourself, enough to let the healing begin.

Your friends are right –  you and your heart will be okay.  Remember the reason or reasons you have a broken heart in the first place? The relationship is likely a cancerous one if you have been down this road a hundred times before. 

Letting go is probably the best thing for you if you are in an abusive relationship. Many of us don’t believe words can harm other people, but this untrue.

Ways to Heal a Broken Heart 

When you stay in a relationship that is not healthy, you are cheating yourself.  Not only are you cheating yourself, you are blocking that special someone from entering your life. 

While you’re busy trying to patch up a broken heart or a rocky relationship, there’s someone who will bring you fresh flowers and run your bath water without hesitation.

7Break the chain

The first order of business is to learn your weaknesses and break the cycle.  Yes, I’m saying if you are repeatedly going through the same thing, again and again, there’s a pattern.

This pattern is what people describe as insane or crazy and you’ll always have a broken heart if you continue to live like this.

6Learn from misfortune 

One of the ways to heal a broken heart is to use the time you have now to improve your circumstances.  Take things slow this time before, let your broken heart heal before getting into another relationship.  Learn what you have been doing wrong and fix it.

5Seek support

Surround yourself with people who love you even if it means going home to mom’s house or to dad’s house for a little while until you can find ways to heal your broken heart.  Wherever you feel loved, you should go there.  Seek support and healing from your family and closest friends.

4Treat yourself to a treat!

Be happy being by yourself.  Treat yourself or invite your friends out for a spa day, shopping date, lunch or dinner… whatever you consider fun, do it and do it well. Only the best for you.

3Cry in your beer, throw the bottle away

Have a good cry.  Cry it all out… throw beer bottles or punch a boxing bag, lift weights, ride your bike and go the distance.  Get it all out – watch your pain and anger leave your body with each punch, each push-up and each mile.  You’ll feel better in more ways than one.

2Do something different 

One of the many ways to heal a broken heart is to pick up that book you started reading a while back and finish it.  Or go back to school.  Do you have a hobby? 

Change your routine so you are not doing things that remind you the things you normally did on the weekends.  Do something to fill that void in your time, but make it a positive change. 

1Do what they wouldn’t approve of 

Plan a feast, road trip or vacation with your close friends and family.  Maybe there’s a concert in the next town or state you’d like to go to, but didn’t because you were with your ex. Do something they wouldn’t necessarily approve of within reason, of course.


If you feel you should apologize when someone has hurt you, chances are you need self-preservation therapy.  I’m not saying this to be mean, but there’s something not right about a woman or any person who believes it’s okay to be mentally and verbally murdered.

Yes, I said murdered, because the person that you love so much is killing your self-esteem, your self-love, your identity and at the end of the day, you are not doing the other person any good either.

You’re leading them to believe that it’s okay to treat women like crap and that’s not cool.  Stand up for yourself – love yourself and watch who you attract.  It may be the love of your life!

One of the ways to heal a broken heart help me a lot! Check out my playlist and one of my favorite women singers – Angie Stone.  “No more rain” soothes the heart like no other and there’s Lauren Hill.

She knows what to do, she says, “If you let go, I’ll let go, too, because it hurts when you don’t. Whatever your situation is, there’s a song to help you heal.  Leave me some of your favorite songs that heal.


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