Understanding The Power of Crystals, Stones and Beads

Some people believe in the power of crystals and beads, however, this is not new. The ancient people still use specific stones and crystals to heal illnesses.

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Do you believe in the power of crystals and beads? Many people believe so. How about you?
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The power of crystals will have you mesmerized on so many levels. Wearing crystal necklaces and beaded jewelry are fashionable no matter where you live these days; it adds a bohemian vibe to your style. Not only that, but some are used for healing. 

Besides being a fashion accessory, some people believe there is power in crystals. Sure, they do and of course, with good reason. If you’re interested to know more about the power of crystals and beads, keep reading.

Understanding the power of crystals

Well, it is very individualistic, every person holds faith in certain things due to their own experiences. Nonetheless, the ancients knew of the power of crystals. Often, old women and priests keep rosary beads necklace in their hands, chanting prayers.

Often, Muslims use prayer beads to record the number of times they repeat “Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar.” Notably, they use them just after having an obligatory prayer to say the dhikr in memory of Allah. Depending on the stone or bead, a sibhah can be used in healing practices.

Sumerian mythology has it that Inanna carried with her Lapis Lazuli rods so she could measure time.  To put it another way, she could gauge a person’s lifespan. It was also believed that the god’s flesh was made from crystals.

Spiritual and devotional

People who practice spirituality have a strong faith in the healing power of crystals and stones. Crystals like Amethyst impart strength and inner peace. Certain crystals act as a medium to communicate with spirits and supernatural powers.

Some crystals like Angelite and apophyllite, celestite and selenite are best for communication with higher realms.

Rosary beads have devotional significance, priests and popes keep a rosary bead necklace in their hands. Mala beads or prayer beads are also used for religious & spiritual practices.

Mala Collective creates unique handmade pieces like malas, necklaces, and bracelets. They use sandalwood beads, Rudraksha and a variety of gemstones for creating pieces used for meditation, balancing energy and self-awareness.

Mala’s collection of beaded jewelry is blessed “based on Satyam Siwam Sundaram (Truth, Purity, and Beauty).”

Power of crystals energy

Many people wear crystals and beads to sweep out the negativity from their life. Crystals like amethyst and quartz clear energy pathways to generate positive thoughts. Gemstone beads not only affect an individual but their environment as well.

Aquamarine, carnelian, and citrine can calm the mind, radiate energy and promote a clear thinking. Positivity can change the way you lead your life!

Good luck and prosperity

Everyone goes through rough phases in their lives. While we have control, it’s during such times people seek the power of crystals and stones to bring good luck into their lives. According to Crystal Vaults, certain crystals and beads bring prosperity and success to one’s life.

Do we associate Sapphire, amethysts, chrysoprase, citrine, and moonstone with good fortune and luck and who doesn’t want that?

Health and protection

Crystals and beads maintain a good health report and help you heal. Green tourmaline, moss agate, aqua aura and chrysoprase are crystals known to promote positive well-being.

The Aqua Aura stimulates the immune system and lessens the chances of having genetic disorders.  In addition, it lessens the likelihood of experiencing an inactive immune system.

Power of crystals and gemstones

The evil eye is considered superstition but many people wear healing crystals and stones to protect themselves from evil’s eye. In other words, if suddenly something bad happens, people think others gave them the evil eye and now they are cursed.

They believe others are envious and wish bad for them. However, the blue eye is used to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry. It’s important to realize the Jewish and Muslim communities view the blue eye as protection from harm.

Look for it in the hamsa (khamsa; Muslim or the Hand of Fatima) hand collection. Jewish people hold to the hamsa as the Hand of Miriam.


Many trust in the power of crystals and beads and their influences. Before wearing a rose quartz or any kind of crystal or bead, check for authenticity.

If you wear crystals or beads, you may see an increase of focus ability or see our dreams transpire into reality. With this in mind, if you have a favorite bead or gemstone, share with us whether you wear it for fashion or faith.

Read more Crystal Vaults https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-reference-guide/crystals-for-good-health

Image: Mala Collective 

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